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I thought they were going to eat the chickens alive!

I thought they were going to eat the chickens alive! The flies seemed rose up out of the chicken area, turning our backyard into a buzzing hellscape from my nightmares. Do flies eat chickens? Do chickens eat flies? Either way, the idea is enough to make me puke The problem was they seemed to be coming out of the dirt where the chickens were. They were swarming all over the place where I've been tossing leftovers to the chickens. First, we let the chickens out so they could eat the grass in the rest of the yard. Then, I got rid of anything in the yard that could be attracting the flies. Then, I got in the car and was ready to go buy anything and everything that would kill or trap flies. This infestation needed to end before I set the entire house on fire. It's one of those problems that are so annoying and bothersome that you have to solve it as soon as possible, no matter what it costs. Have you ever felt that way about a problem? It could be a personal problem, a conflict with the natural world, or a business problem. It becomes so urgent that you are ready to spend as much time and effort and money as necessary to fix it. Hopefully forever. Your customers are the same way. When they have problems, they want to fix it and they will be willing to spend money to make the irritation go away. Does your copy touch on their real pain points? You've probably heard the expression, touch their pain points. But are you really doing it? Some people really resist this aspect of marketing, because they don't want to be negative or bring people down. But here's why you don't have to worry about that. When you create content and copy that talks about the customers real problems, the ones that have them freaking out and putting everything else on hold until that problem is under control, you will FINALLY get their attention. I mean, if you're not talking about their problems, what are you even talking about?... yourself? LOL. Start by listening and observing Your offer could be all about you, and not be helpful to anyone else. Start by going to your customers or your prospects and find out what they are really struggling with. What questions are they asking? (Make a list!) As yourself whether your offering solves those problems? How can you adjust your messaging to resonate more? How can what you offer be changed to help them more? This week I have four one-hour slots available where I can walk you through my 8-step deep listening customer communications matrix. These sessions can work for any type of business, take an hour and are $80. Be ready to take notes! Text me at 505-515-7001 to grab your spot. Talk to you soon, Mandy Audette

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