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100 Clicks in One Day!

100 clicks in one day! My Facebook friend, Jordan Hoffman, recently launched a course on upper register trumpet playing, called the Power Player Trumpet Course. It perked my interest because I love playing trumpet, especially the lead part. There are a lot of amazing lead players out there, but they're not always willing to share their secrets. How the heck do they play so high? I can play high on the trumpet, and it has led to a lot of good things in life: getting into the college of my dreams, winning a scholarship, and playing lead in the jazz band. But there is a limit to how high I can play, and Jordan promises to teach you to play even HIGHER and more powerfully. :) The other reason I was interested was because I am percolating on an idea for an online course for trumpet players of my own. My course is for people who want to play by ear I want Jordan to succeed simply because it would give me confidence that I can succeed too in this market. I started giving him advice and helping out. I recommended that he start an affiliate program and was pleased when he told me a couple months later that he followed my advice, and his students were making sales. I jumped into the fray and sent out a couple of emails. The first one got a little bit of attention but did not make a sale. Then my boyfriend and I started to take the course together and took a selfie of the two of us playing our trumpets. I used the selfie for a second article on my blog called, "The Couple who Plays (double high C's) Together, Stays Together." That post got the most affiliate traffic to his site and is also the most popular post on my trumpet website. I think the photo and the fact that we're a cute "Trumpet Couple" is what drew attention. Getting attention is step #1, after all. Look forward to hearing from you! Mandy Audette If you are not subscribed to my list, get the list here

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