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Classes that I am taking spring semester at Penn State

I’m looking forward to starting the spring semester of classes at Penn State. I have been working toward my master’s degree in strategic communications. 

The first class is Research Methods in Strategic Communications

The description: “The purpose of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the methods and practices used to conduct effective research in examining practical and theoretical questions in strategic communications. Successful strategic communications campaigns are informed by research conducted before (planning), during (monitoring), and after (evaluation) the implementation of the campaign. Further, research based on theoretical models can help understand and explain the effects of strategic communications on consumers, individuals, and society.

This course will be organized so that students will (1) gain exposure to a breadth of methods used by industry and academic researchers; (2) understand the role of theory in informing strategic communications research and its applications; (3) gain depth and experience in several research methods and techniques; and (4) conduct research and obtain research-writing experience, in either academic or professional venues. Students also will learn how to use databases employed by strategic communications researchers to conduct audience/consumer analysis and media research. A range of specific research methods will be discussed, with emphasis placed on trends or contemporary developments in research.

In addition to examining the principles, methods, and techniques of strategic communications research, the course will address issues such as when research should or should not be conducted, analyzing data sets, forming meaningful research questions, determining the proper means to answer the questions, and presenting the results and solutions in a clear and compelling manner.”

The second class is Social Media Communications

The description: “Social media is profoundly transforming human society in almost every aspect, in particular, communication and business. As social media has become an integral part of human life, it is crucial to understand the underlying mechanisms of social media before making best use of it. A profound knowledge of social media and how to use it productively is not only something "nice to know," but a capability people must have to survive and excel in this new media age. This course focuses on two areas: 1) an in-depth understanding of the social media impact on strategic communications; and 2) how to make best use of social media tools. The impact of social media on cognition, knowledge collaboration, media industry, and strategic communications strategies will be covered. A solid knowledge of social media mechanisms serves as a foundation for making the best use of social media, no matter how current media evolves or what new media platforms emerge in the future.”

I plan to expand the services that I offer to include these areas. Reach out to me with any questions that you have at

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