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Celebrating six years of dirty socks!

Send me ALL your socks and undies! I don't know which came first, being obsessed with copywriting or being obsessed with starting small businesses. 6 years ago, I started a small business called Los Alamos 24-Hour Laundry Service The reason that I know that it was my business's 6-year anniversary is that Facebook brought it up in the memories section. I was able to share the original article from The Los Alamos Daily Post that first announced the business. I originally got the idea for Los Alamos 24-Hour Laundry Service when the local laundromat went out of business. People were asking "How will all the post docs and students and contractors do their laundry?" I saw this as a big opportunity. I didn't think I could buy a laundromat, but I could provide a laundry service where I pamper my clients by delivering the laundry, and fold it, iron it and do everything that I can to make their lives easier. Three lessons that I've learned from washing other people's dirty laundry: 1) You don't need to own the equipment or make a big investment to get the job done. I got started with this business using my own machines and my car. Along the way I noticed that people were interested in getting their oversized comforters washed, and I didn't have the equipment for that. Rather than get sidetracked by the fact that my machine wasn't big enough for a king-sized comforter, I just charge a little extra and use the big machines at the laundromat in the other city. 2) People will pay for convenience. There are laundromats around, but nobody likes to sit in the laundromat and wait for their clothes when they could be doing something else. Also, nobody likes driving to the laundromat to drop off their clothes. (I don't own dry cleaning equipment, but my customers are willing to pay for someone to pick up their dry cleaning). 3) Customer stories sell. I haven't had to spend a lot of money on advertising for this business, and yet I get a lot of attention for my Facebook posts. One reason is I always choose brightly colored, slightly goofy, photos. And I share customer stories, especially giving details about the problems that my customers are facing right before they give me a call. As a marketer, I appreciate the challenges of writing sales copy. I also enjoy all the little things that you can do as a business owner to get the community interested and involved in your business. Talk to you soon, Mandy Audette P.S. Call me at 505-515-7001 to schedule a free 30-minute new client consultation. P.P.S. If you're reading this and are not yet subscribed, you can get on the list here.

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