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12 reasons to LOVE email newsletters

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

12 reasons to LOVE email newsletter

  1. An e-newsletter lets you contact someone over and over again with their permission.

  2. They’re profitable.

  3. You become familiar and people begin to like you as a friend.

  4. Establishes a relationship with your target audience.

  5. It takes 5 to 7 points of contact before most people are willing to purchase from you; an e-letter is an easy, non-threatening way to generate those points of contact.

  6. You build credibility as an expert that can help.

  7. Consistently showing up in their inbox creates trust.

  8. You're giving away information, which brings up feelings of gratitude and appreciation for your reader.

  9. You're doing things that help a person get to know you, like you, and trust you.

  10. They also start to feel loyal to you, which is a big deal.

  11. E-letters are inexpensive to do and have an amazing return on investment.

  12. It's an excellent way to keep in touch with your existing clients and let them know what special offers you have just for them.

Email newsletters are my favorite and most loved way to promote my business... but there is one serious drawback. If you're going to start a newsletter, you have to hang in there for the long haul and keep thinking of new ideas issue after issue. A little planning at the beginning can go a long way. If you're just getting started, I can help you get the ball rolling by providing you with a content marketing plan and calendar. Here's how easy it will be for you. We'll get on the phone (or Zoom, if you MUST, lol) and I will interview you for 45-60 minutes. If you're as chatty as I am it might go over. I will record the call and go into my cave where I'll go over what you said and use that as a starting point to outline 6-12 months of articles for your newsletter. I will include

  • The wittiest quotes from the interview... honestly, some of my clients don't realize how incredibly smart they are until they see their own words in print.

  • Outside research on the topic... nothing too heavy though. Everything will be there to make it easier to write your newsletter.

  • Additional research on your prospect to help you hit the nail on the head when you reach out to them. I will do some background digging to get a better idea of where your customers are, mentally. Where do they go for information, who do they listen to, and how can you get your message to line up perfectly with their needs and wants.

I will deliver an easy-to-use content plan that will resonates with your customers so they will buy from you. The process will be easy and painless. This strategic marketing plan is $1,000 and I have room for eight people this month. To get on my calendar send me an email at or text at 505-515-7001. Having a plan will get you moving in the right direction, especially if you have someone who can put the newsletters together every month. There is a chance that you may need more help. If that is the case, then YES, I do offer email newsletters - everything from soup to nuts. Just let me know and we can see if it's a good fit.

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