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But... I'm too OLD to be a millennial!

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

A few weeks ago I brought a friend, an older lady, to the hairstylist. After the haircut I couldn't help but vent about a personal problem that has been bubbling up with me. I have been wanting to go to Minnesota very much because I want to keep in touch with my sisters and larger family in general. But even more than that I want to go somewhere warm and exiting and tropical that I've never been to, like Hawaii. But sadly, when I brought the idea up with my sisters, they weren't as excited as I was. My younger sister wanted to save her money to remodel her kitchen and bathroom and I don't even remember what my older sister's excuse was... I'm sure it sounded pretty responsible. The whole thing left me so wiped out and bummed. So I tried to explain it to the hairstylist and my elderly caregiving client. And after listening carefully they both concluded that it was a millennial problem. What on earth? I couldn't believe this because I just don't think of myself as a millennial. But on the same hand I don't think of myself as GenX either... they're too old. So I'm right in the crack of the two generations. At times my generation has been generously been described as the Oregon Trail Generation. So as I was winding up to explain the pains of losing a loved one to a snake bite, the hairstylist clarified his position to say that younger people generally prefer to have experiences instead of having money in the bank. Well, that certainly applied to me. Who knows if I will actually go to Hawaii in the next year. I would certainly love to do just that and take my sisters with me. I'm sure there are some financial realities that need to be addressed, but wouldn't it be fabulous to go to Hawaii?

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