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Deep dive into the insurance industry

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

A couple of years ago I spent about a month learning all about insurance so that I can get my license in New Mexico Life, Accident and Health insurance. I was offered a job in the insurance field that required the license. And although I ended up taking a different job that is more in line with what I have been doing, strategic marketing, it still seemed worth my time to go through the course. You see, as a writer and marketer I spend a lot of time learning how to string together words and emails and articles. But I know that it's more important to understand the business that I'm writing about. There's always a learning curve understanding the jargon, what the customers are really interested in, and (certainly in the case of insurance) the rules and regulations that apply. No matter what happens in my career, it's always worth my time to explore and learn.

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