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Did you know I make websites for bands?

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

As a musician, I always want to help bands put their website together In this case, I am playing trumpet in the band and so obviously I was going to set up a website. Check it out here. It's my all-female ragtime band, Pussyrag. We just formed this year and have been rehearsing once a week. We've played at the Dance Station and at Honeymoon Brewery. And, with any new band, the first order of business is to round up some fans. That's why the most important feature on the website is to collect email addresses and get people to contact us. And as luck would have it, I discovered that LeadPages has expanded their offerings and you can use that platform to make an entire website. It was pretty easy to use and I'm already getting people to sign up for the list. If you want to make a website or collect leads, you can give LeadPages a try for free here. If you know any musicians who need a website for their band or to attract students, let them know that they can reach me at Send an email and we can set something up.

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