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Get people pumped about your biz WITHOUT discounts

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Black Friday is on the way, and you might be thinking about creating a deal to get new customers into your store. You should definitely have some kind of a special... .... but right now I want to talk about the business of selling you stuff for full price. Because the truth is, if you spend too much marketing energy talking about upcoming discounts you will train your customers to ONLY buy from you when you have a discount. And worse, the people who have paid full price will feel as if they made a mistake. Luckily, there are so many ways that you can draw attention to your businesses or services without cutting your own pay in half Instead of talking about discounts, talk about what is unique about your business. I recently wrote an article about a vintage store in town. Sure, I could've gone on and on about the fact that it is a secondhand store and things are less expensive than a retail store. But some of the things (like anitques) are expensive and most of the things are really cool, and bringing up price only draws the bargain hunters who will drive the store owner up the wall, when what I really want to do is attract people who will really love and appreciate this store and go there all the time. I spent most of the article talking about how the owner loves hunting for amazing finds and treasures and bringing them into her store. She has made recent trips to Texas and Colorado, and she comes across as a fun-loving friend who travels a lot and brings back amazing stuff that you can't get in your hometown. And while you're at it, rather than talk about discounts, spend some time talking about what's NEW in the business. Show the newest product. How do you use it? Introduce the new employee. Where are they from, anyway? Instead of talking about discounts, talk about happy customers. If you haven't already, make it a constant habit to collect testimonials, thank you messages, and case studies and use them. Stories about how your product made another customer happy, solved a problem or improved their lives are the stories that make people say "it's worth the money." Get people excited about what you're bringing to the table and what's coming around the corner. If you would like to make an appointment for content marketing services, send me an email at

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