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He was so RUDE... but had a good point

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Putting yourself out there is hard, because the feedback you get from strangers can be harsh I know, I have some work to do on my website. I've been in business for a long time, needed to make a website change to go along with my name change, and I want to make it reflect my experience in a way that it didn't before. But while I thought about how I would change it, I just had a tiny site that did absolutely nothing other than ask people to put in their email address. But I realize it's not working. And I have more to say, I have testimonials, and I have lots and lots of blog posts to put on there. Anyway, I was reaching out to someone who needed a copywriter and he rudely said, "Your website literally says nothing." (... I don't think we will be working together...) I was miffed, but I decided to start adding more content to my website. I started with my TESTIMONIALS page. What do you think? Can I ask a favor? If you've worked with me in the past or read my newsletter and like it, please send me a note about it so that I can add it to my testimonials and strengthen my website. It would be tremendously helpful. Just press reply to or email me at

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