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How to embarrass your eleven-year-old at the pool

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

I brought my kids to the pool and my oldest was at that "too cool to hang out with Mom at the pool" stage of development. So I didn't see hide nor hair of him for quite some time. Finally I spotted him (next to a group of girls!). Pop music was pumping out of the speakers and I couldn't resist loudly calling his name. When I got his and everyone else's attention I started to do the Floss with everything I have.

What's the floss? It's one of the dance moves that kids are doing these days. I know, I'm over the age of 14, so my floss looks as dorky as possible. He blushed, and tried to hide behind a lounge chair and screamed "Aww Mom!" Then, after the initial embarrassment wore off I caught a glimpse of him giggling. He loved it! So what do my poolside shenanigans have to do with business? I want to keep my kids close and so I want to get an emotional reaction out of them every once in awhile. And it's easy to do because I spend so much time with them that I know what stuff they'll react to. And since I do that stuff with them often, they get my sense of humor and are comfortable with me. If you're interacting with your clients and customers you also want to get an emotional reaction from them and you want to get to know them so you know HOW to get them to respond. Just like every kid is different, every customer is different. What are yours like? If you don't know what their special quirks are, it might be a good idea to spend some quality time with them. Reach out to them. (Email works) Ask questions. Try to make them smile.

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