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How to keep in touch with the people who support your business?

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Last spring, I wrote an article about a drawing class that was being held at the Karen Wray Gallery. (You can read it here). We were talking about where we should publish the article and how we can use it to reach out to people who might take the class. And I asked her (since several months had gone by) whether she was still using her newsletter and whether she had collected any more names and email addresses. And then she got kind of bashful and nervous about the whole idea of sending out an email.... ... You see, a while back some pencil-pushing egghead got an email from her and didn't want to get it. He was a lawyer (not even an art collector, sheesh) and someone in the office must have entered an "info" email address. I'm not sure how it happened. And so, he sent a nastigram email asking to be taken off the list... or else. I remember the day clearly, and the email he sent. It was actually just a sentence or two and I personally checked the nice list twice to make sure he was off it forever. Anyway, my client got spooked and the incident stuck with her. But I reminded her that her email subscribers are the people who show up to her receptions and take her classes. The people who read the articles in the newspaper are new people, but the people on the list are her tribe. And compared to a lot of other businesses, her open rates ae really high. Around 40%. We loaded some new emails into the system from her website and added an extra 300 names, and the open rate was even higher - 48%. Writing email newsletters is one of my favorite types of projects, simply because it revolves around keeping in touch with people who care about you and your business. If you want to make a newsletter appointment, text me at 505-515-7001.

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