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How to make friends with the waitress at the diner (and really connect with the people on your list)

Last summer I went to Denver with my boyfriend, and we had breakfast at a diner that he likes (because it makes him feel nostalgic).

Normally he goes for the steak and eggs or huevos rancheros, and I hem and haw about my choice ... I can be a little picky and weird about eating breakfast because eggs used to make me sick and even though I "like" them now, they can easily gross me out.

The special was "waffles and fried chicken."

We both agreed that waffles and friend chicken was a little different, and not what we normally eat for breakfast, but we ordered it anyway.

Hey, at least I didn't have to take a gamble with eggs. :)

I'm not from the south, but a twangy voice inside my head whispered that I should put some honey on my food. And so, I asked for honey.

That's when the waitresses got super friendly.

She told me that the diner serves cheap honey in little packets, and she was going to let me use her personal honey.

And then she went to the counter and pulled a jar of fancy organic honey from her purse and let me put it on my waffles.

It was a super friendly and generous gesture, but it also made me feel accepted and included. Warm fuzzies for everyone!

You can accomplish the same thing using your email newsletter

Use your email newsletter to bond with your customers. Create inside jokes. Give your readers a chance to talk back with you and share their experiences.

Also, be generous. Share your private stash of honey from your purse. LOL.

Do you have a newsletter? Show me where to sign up and I will take a look at it. Email me the link at

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