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I stopped by for eye shadow and now I HAVE to go back

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Last month I was driving through Santa Fe to go to a meeting in Albuquerque. But I was so focused on leaving my house early (because I find it difficult to be on time for anything in Albuquerque) that I didn't get my makeup done. I looked at myself in the rear view mirror and said, "Meh!" So I stopped in to Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy to get some makeup. Pharmaca is a high-end pharmacy that has lots of organic and natural products, and a couple of nice makeup displays. So I went at it, sampling some eye shadow and blush and buying a lipstick and a bottle of water for the road. When I got to the cash register, they gave me a coupon for $10 that I can use in January. I thought, "We'll see," because I don't go there that often. But the next time I was going through Santa Fe my daughter had an earache. And I stopped by again to see if they had any ear drops. Again, they gave me a $10 coupon for January. I remembered that I already had my coupon... and they wouldn't let me use it because it wasn't January yet. (Sheesh!) So now I have $20 to splurge on whatever fancy lotion or soap or supplement that I want. I get the feeling that January is typically their slow month and so they were proactive enough to make a plan to get people to come back during that month so they can have a strong start to the year. I'm always hearing business owners bellyaching about how certain times of the year are always slow. I admire how this store took steps ahead of time to change the situation. If you're looking over your 2022 calendar and have a sense your own feast or famine cycle is laid out, let's get together and make a plan to get customers in the door when you need them.

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