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My honey made me "mock sunny side up eggs" and it gave me the warm fuzzies

Breakfast time! As I mentioned in a recent email, I can be a total basket case when it comes to breakfast. I used to be a seriously picky eater as a child, to the point where meals were slightly terrifying. My frustrated parents went back and forth between being tolerant and looking the other way (I mean... I didn't starve to death so that proves that you can survive on a 100% peanut butter sandwich diet) and being menacing and or issuing threats like "eat it or I'll shove it up your nose." Eggs were the WORST... maybe because I was allergic. I don't know if I was actually allergic to eggs. I was never tested for allergies. (It was the 80's) All I know was they used to make me throw up every time. There is just too much chewing required... and .... just eww. Especially sunny side up eggs with their clear undercooked albumen stretchy mucous. I've learned to eat eggs and even enjoy them. But anyone who has eaten breakfast with me knows that I will be anxious and make faces and push my food around my plate like a little kid unless it is exactly right. When my boyfriend presented me with "mock sunny side up eggs" I knew I had a keeper We have been together for a long time, and he makes breakfast all the time. But this time it's like he's listened to everything I have said good or bad about breakfast and attempted to make the ultimate agg experience. They were basically over medium eggs, with little pieces of cheese on the top where the yellow yolks usually go. They had all the sunny cuteness and none of the revolting sliminess. Plus, he made hash browns with only the crispy brown part and none of the slippery white part. :) Running a business is a lot like being in a long-term relationship where you take the time to get the eggs right When you're running a business, you don't want to make one sale and never talk to your customers again. You want to make a sale, and then get to know them more and make more sales. Keep making them happy and solving their problems until death do you part. Your content and communications strategy can help you make that happen. Because customers might not be happy all the time. They might have complaints, or be hard to please at times, or have ridiculously specific requirements. When you communicate through articles, emails, ads, social media and other venues, you can make a point to listen. And you can demonstrate that you have heard your customers and you will be willing to listen to them so that you can serve them the way they need you to. Call me at 505-515-7001 to schedule a free call to discuss how you can create a content plan where you can tell your story and gather important feedback from your customers.

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