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My thoughts were on death during that entire drive

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

My thoughts were on death last week Even though I am generally a cheerful and upbeat person, my mind was on death last week. First of all, April 26th was the anniversary of my dad's passing from lung cancer. My sisters texted me and they probably visited his grave site At St. Patrick's in Cedar, MN, but I couldn't because I don't live there. Seth, my fiancée, suggested that we get a French Silk pie and I said we also need some steaks to celebrate, because my dad loved steaks. We went up to Los Alamos because his band was playing at the American Legion, and on our way back down the hill he said, "We forgot the French Silk pie!" I was feeling a little on the fluffy side, and said, "It's OK if we skip the pie" but he insisted and turned around and we went back up the hill.

(When I say "the hill" I'm referring the sheer cliff of doom that you drive up to get to Los Alamos.) Once we were at the top, passing by the water tower and the main gate, a car was careening towards at what looked to be over 100 miles per hour and suddenly took a sharp right, kicked up an epic cloud of dust and disappeared into the bushes. We pulled over and immediately called 911 and then waited for the ambulance to arrive, wondering the whole time what we just witnessed. They were going way too fast, that much was obvious. But why did they make that sudden turn? Could it be that their brakes weren't working, and they wanted to go off the road where they "might" die, rather than wait a few seconds and go off the road where they would go off the cliff and "definitely" die?

Which reminds me... There is a stretch of highway that I drive past that is littered with crosses and flowers marking the places where people died in crashes and there are billboards warning drivers against the dangers of DWI and texting while driving.

Meanwhile, a church put up this billboard that said, "Don't ignore His Call," and it has a picture of Jesus on a cell phone and an accept decline button. Now, I have no idea whether this ad is effective. I can only share how I responded to it.

Because yes, it got my attention. But probably for the wrong reason. I just became obsessed with the idea of Jesus texting me from the highway. And while I would LIKE to ignore the text, I get the feeling that if he is texting me, I would be about to die in a car crash. My phone beeps. I check it. It's Jesus: CU in 5 mins. Me: K. I'm driv.... Next thing I know there is a cloud of dust and then I DO see Jesus. Needless to say, I probably won't go to this church. I'm too distracted by the image of getting a text from Jesus, and I don't even know if they serve the good donuts. Getting attention is not always enough. You have to make people want what you're selling and motivate them to buy right now. That's where I come in.

If you need a sales page, give me a call at 505-515-7001.

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Tony Stark Policci
Tony Stark Policci
Sep 20, 2022

So...what happened to the people in the car????

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