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Proven marketing plan (that's super easy)

Do you ever get the feeling that marketers are deliberately make "marketing plans" sound more complicated than they need to be? I personally appreciate and prefer advice that is simple and easy and will enable you to actually follow through. At AWAI's Bootcamp, Joshua Boswell passed on some marketing advice that is so easy to implement... it would be silly not to do it. So I'm passing his proven marketing plan on to you. Here goes. I took notes. :) 1. Find articles, interviews and videos that are within your field and area of expertise. 2. Read (or listen or watch) it and summarize it in three to five short bullet points. 3. Write a 1-3 paragraph personal commentary on the piece providing a useful summary that will interest your followers. 4. Provide a link to the article. 5. Post these daily on LinkedIn. In three to five months something very valuable will happen. LinkedIn will turn you into an "Influencer" which will broaden your algorithm and that will help you reach more people. I liked this advice because I was looking for a way to use LinkedIn more effectively, and this gives me a simple daily routine. I encourage you to do it with me and let me know how it changes things for you. Take care! Mandy Marksteiner Join Our Mailing List!

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