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Sometimes it sounds better coming from your customers

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

One of the biggest reasons to collect testimonials and case studies is that no matter how articulate you may be explaining the benefits of your product, people still believe it more when your customers say it. A while back I wrote an article announcing that the local pharmacy, Nambe Drug, is carrying AllerPops. Read it here. I spoke to the owner of the pharmacy, and he described many of the benefits of the product, like the fact that they target the cause and don't just mask the symptoms, they don't give you all the all the side effects that you get with antihistamines, and they are more cost effective because they last the whole season. I was happy that he listed all of those benefits, because I know it's more persuasive to have it come from the pharmacist than from the owner of the company.

The pharmacist is an expert and has a deeper understanding of all of the drugs available in the store than the general population. He sells the other allergy medications too, so he must have weighed the pros and cons of each and made a thoughtful recommendation. If you find yourself working harder, talking louder or resorting to hype to get the message across about how good your product or service is, you can get a lot more traction by switching gears and having the message come from a customer or from an expert in your industry. They can simply tell the story of the problem they were trying to solve and how they solved it. And other people in their shoes will resonate with that story.

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