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Turn the car around! We can't leave Kitty behind!

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

A while back, I took my kids to the mall. My daughters both went to Build-a-Bear and then we went to the arcade. My youngest loved the stuffed kitty that she built. She made sure it smelled like cotton candy and gave it a beating heart and a little t-shirt. Next, we stopped at a mall kiosk and bought some Among Us stuffies and this goofy toy that I've never even heard of that you can pop like packing bubble wrap, but you don't have to throw it away. By the time we got to the arcade I had quite a load of stuff to carry around from one video game to the next. I have to admit... hanging around an arcade makes me a little tired and loopy. Before long I was ready to count my kids and head out. We stopped at Dippin' Dots, and then wove our way back to the car way on the other side of the mall, and then to the highway to bring us back home (we had a long drive because we live in the middle of nowhere). I stopped at Starbucks and had a sneaking suspicion that I forgot something. I got out of the car, right there in the drive thru, and sure enough the Build-a-Bear bag wasn't in the trunk or in the backseat. I groaned. "Guys, I hate to say it, but we left all the toys that we bought at the mall." Now it was my son's turn to groan and roll his eyes. He didn't have a new stuffed animal in the bag, and he did not want to turn around and go back to the mall. I didn't want to turn back either. It was like I had left a $100 bill on the roof of my car and lost it... sure, nobody wants to lose money but what are the chances that it will still be there? I was convinced someone probably stole our stuff. I actually tried to talk my six-year-old into abandoning her new kitty and driving on... when tears started welling up in her eyes it occurred to me how absolutely cold-hearted and psychotic that must have sounded to her. She said, "We can't leave Kitty behind! I don't want to go to bed without her!" I turned the car around and drove back, urging everyone to adopt my pessimistic attitude because the chances of actually finding our bag of new stuff was so slim. Anyone could have taken it. I made them promise not to cry if we were unsuccessful. We parked closer to the arcade and made a beeline for the Dippin' Dots where they looked for the bag and the girls behind the counter said she remembered seeing me but did not remember me holding a shopping bag. We hurried to the arcade and went to the desk and described the bag. When she opened the lost and found cupboard, I could see the familiar pastel colors. "They have it!" I actually jumped up and down for joy and so did the girls. I was so impressed with how this arcade (Round 1 in Albuquerque) had their lost and found act together. I mean, families go in there after shopping and probably lose things all the time. I've been there twice and lost something both times. (The last time I lost a sparkly pair of sandals). And both times the lost item was safe and sound in the lost and found. It made me feel so good knowing that if I drop something, their employees will pick it up and put it somewhere safe. That is the kind of experience that builds trust and loyalty. Obviously, your business has products and services that have features and benefits. But do you know how your customers feel about the experience of working with you? Are you capturing these stories when your customers feel especially good? The best way to do it is in a testimonial or a case study. If you need help developing your testimonials or case studies, set up an appointment at

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