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The Sales letter is DONE... Now it's time to test!

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Feels great to be finished with this latest sales letter! At first when I told Jordan Hoffman that I thought he could get more sales with a stronger sales letter, he didn't believe me.

I had just started promoting his course as an affiliate but was concerned that I was driving a lot of traffic to the page, and it wasn't converting as much as I thought it could. The Power Player Trumpet Course was so good, and I was itching to write a sales letter that would be just a little bit more convincing than what he had up already. When I ran the idea by him, he wasn't immediately convinced. I mean, we are acquainted with each other through a couple of Facebook groups for trumpet players. He didn't even know that I was a copywriter! After he told me what his current conversion rate was, I talked him into letting me try to write something that would give him a better conversion rate. He agreed, because who wouldn't want a better conversion rate? I spent the next few weeks working on it, spending a lot more time on it than I expected because I have been working with David Garfinkel, the copywriting coach, and he had some ideas on how to polish it in the final drafts. What really made it work was all the comments and letters from Jordan's happy customers. He DOES help his students get results (they are all expanding their range on the trumpet and feeling incredible because of it) and that is why I was so excited about this course to begin with. He was totally stoked about what I wrote and is busy creating a new landing page so that we can test it against the old one. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing if the new sales letter makes a difference in the conversion rate and sending more traffic his way. If you know anyone who needs a new sales letter or wants to do an A/B test with their current sales letter, let them know.

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