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Wave at Grandma!

When we were little, our mom used to confuse us when she drove us to Minneapolis to see Grandpa. Where was Grandma? Well long story short, she had died years before of breast cancer. She wasn't there! And so whenever we drove to see Grandpa she would drive past this convertible on a post with a lady wearing a bikini. "'Wave to grandma!!!!!!" And we did. So even though I have never met my grandmother on my mom's side in person, I feel like I know her with this sign. We also knew her with other things. Like, Her nae is Gloria, and I used to get her mixed up with the Virgin Mary, because she was the mother of Christ and God it only makes sense that.... Anyway, people want to find and make meaning all the time. That is what they do. Whenever you're trying to reach an audience, get as close as you can to the true meaning of their experience. Talk to you later! Mandy P.S. If you need anything you can reach me here or by sending a note to Join Our Mailing List!

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