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What happened when I got a flat tire?

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

What's that sound?... ...I wondered as I drove my new Subaru down my dirt road and around the corner. Just as I suspected, when I pulled over and took a look, I had a flat tire. That's when I got a ding on my phone... a brand-new email had come in. In the flurry of texts to my fiancée (I was trying to decide whether to change the tire right there or bring it back home) and rummaging through the back to see what tools I had (everything was in there ready to go!) I took a second to check my emails. It was an email from Subaru, telling me that they noticed that my tire pressure light went off and I should bring it in to get it checked. Crazy, they noticed the problem seconds after I did. They must have created an elaborate set of autoresponder emails to correspond with everything that can go wrong with the car to encourage me to come in whenever anything goes wrong. I didn't bring it in (the dealership is in Albuquerque) but instead drove home and we changed the tire together and I felt happy that it went flat in a low-pressure (pardon the pun) situation. Do you have a plan for bringing your customers back? When people become your customer, pay and walk away, it doesn't have to mean goodbye forever. You know that. Repeat business is a wonderful thing. But do you have a system for making it happen? It doesn't have to be as elaborate or as "big-brother" as Subaru. It can be a simple system of pinging your customers. Let's make a plan to bring your customers back. Make an appointment by emailing me at

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