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What can YOU do today to keep YOUR dream alive?

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

When I'm not writing copy, I'm playing trumpet or teaching lessons. Many moons ago it occurred to me that I could quickly reach my financial goals if I teach six more lessons per week.

And it would be easy and fun.

But I also was hit with the awareness that the reason my music studio hadn't grown was because I hadn't done anything to make that happen. I set a goal of having a total of 10 students by December 15th. And immediately took one small step to move me toward that goal. I picked a date an planned a class for fifth and sixth graders where they will learn how to play higher notes. (At this age, if students seem to struggle with this too much they might be steered toward a different instrument. What a shame, since all they need to do are some lip slurs and long tones and they'll be on their way!) I made a Facebook event and have begun the process of letting people know about the event. I'm happy I did. So where do you want to see growth in your business? Is there something you can do today to nudge the snowball down the hill?

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