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I slept till noon AGAIN...

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

I know what you're thinking.... how can anyone be so lazy?

What can I say? Sleeping in is my special talent. Last week I was up early driving my kids to band camp and theater rehearsals. And I have been staying up late. So, this morning I got some extra ZZZZ's and it felt amazing. The only non-amazing part was some slight guilt festering in the back of my mind and a voice whispering, "Shouldn't you be doing something productive, and making money right now? It's Monday!" But then I checked my email and saw that I ALREADY made money!

I checked my emails and the first thing that I saw was that someone bought Jordan Hoffman's Power Player Trumpet Course, and they found it through one of the links that I placed in my blog. The link led to a sales page that I wrote while working with my copywriting coach, David Garfinkel. (If you want to read the sales page to see a recent writing sample, here it is.) So, there you have it. I haven't exactly been working hard today, but I have been working hard in the not so distant past and today I got some passive income. (Back to bed!) If you have a course or a product, and need to make more sales, I can help in three ways. 1) I can write you a new sales letter or write one that can outperform the one you have. 2) Write enough articles on the topic to boost your SEO and drive your visitors to your sales page. 3) Write a series of follow-up emails to get people to buy after they may have given you a maybe.

There could be more than three ways that I can help you... But these are the three things I am most interested in doing (and the best at doing) for clients. Just give me a call or leave a text at 505-515-7001.

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